Tyece A. Wilkins

"She feels in italics and thinks in capitals." -Henry James

The Elevate Session


The Elevate Session


Writers need love, too. We need affirmation, community, and sometimes just a second set of eyes to help us get the words where we want them to be.

The Elevate Session is a personalized essay review focused on helping you lift your writing to its next level. 

Based on your writing goals and one essay as our foundation, we will review your work together and focus on the following:

  •  Stream and structure: Ideas and suggestions around how to reimagine your essay for the best flow (introduction, conclusion, key messages, and ways to anchor your key messages)
  •  The crux of your content: Ideas and suggestions around how to amplify your main message and connect readers to the broader meaning of your work
  • Easy-to-implement ideas for self-editing and reflection as you revise your work on your own
  • (If needed) grammar, spelling, and style edits

 The Elevate Session includes:

A 1-hour video or phone call (Google or Skype) that includes an essay review for work that is 1,500 words or less focused on the concepts above

A follow-up email with personalized guidance

Upon submitting your payment for the session, you will receive a confirmation email prompting you to schedule your session via SetMore.com. 

Let's Write.