Tyece A. Wilkins

"She feels in italics and thinks in capitals." -Henry James

The Grit Session


The Grit Session


The best writing comes from our wombs and our wounds, our broken walls and our dug up wells. It’s born from the temples in the pit of our bellies. The smoke from the wildfire. The blood behind the bruises. The grit at the bottom of the glass.” –Twenties Unscripted, On Writing: Tearing Down Walls, Digging Up Wells

Every writer has a story–not one that lives on the surface, but rather one that's buried at the bottom of the ocean. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to bring yourself to that vulnerable and fragile place on your own. That’s why I created The Grit Session.

In The Grit Session, we work together to bring your story to bear. Based on one piece of your writing as a springboard, we will explore techniques to help you uncover the vulnerability in your writing voice.

The Grit Session is a no holds barred 50-minute phone or video call (Google or Skype) where we talk through:  

  • What it means to tell your story
  • What fear you want to conquer in your writing
  • What’s holding you back in your writing
  • How to uncover and share the more vulnerable parts of your story

Following the session, I'll provide personalized guidance and recommended prompts to help you uncover more vulnerability in your work.

Upon submitting your payment for the session, you will receive a confirmation email prompting you to schedule your session via SetMore.com. 

Let's Write.