Tyece A. Wilkins

"She feels in italics and thinks in capitals." -Henry James

Observant. Inspired. Undeterred. Willing to challenge convention. 

Those words describe Twenties Unscripted readers. 

I am so excited about the opportunity to partner with you on sponsored content! If you are interested in spreading the word about your campaign or initiative with the Twenties Unscripted community, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • All sponsored content must align with the Twenties Unscripted mission to cultivate a personal blog and community that spark women to connect to the best, bravest, and boldest parts of themselves.
  • I am currently only accepting paid sponsored opportunities that include a contract.
  • Allow at least two weeks of lead time prior to your proposed publication date. 

You can view examples of previously published sponsored blog posts on Twenties Unscripted below:

On Love and Podcasts: The First Half of 2016 (as part of State Farm's Color Full Lives campaign)

On Being a Corporate Creative (as part of State Farm's Color Full Lives campaign)

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