Tyece A. Wilkins

"She feels in italics and thinks in capitals." -Henry James

Over the past year and a half, I have collaborated with Tyece on numerous events and projects, featured her work on my blog, and built a personal relationship with her that has truly enhanced my creative journey. She just gets it. She's hands-on and capable and her work ethic is sneakily amazing. She puts in work, believes in her brand and it shows. From our first interaction, she has been professional, communicative, supportive and sincere. Her passion to express herself inspires me and she is someone I know I can count on to bring energy and flavor to everything she does. She's a gem. If you have the opportunity to work with her, don't hesitate.  –GG Renee Hill, author, creative coach, and founder of All the Many Layers 

Taking Tyece’s class about vulnerability in our writing was one of the best decisions I made at [the BlogU] conference. Her method walks you right up to the walls that are holding you back, helping you understand them better and immediately begin writing your way through them. She poses questions that can still an entire room, then makes that quiet mean something, so you are thinking differently about your craft when you come out on the other side of it. I left that session with new ideas and a bravery that have helped me keep moving forward in my writing career. -Kim Bongiorno, freelance writer, author, public speaker and blogger behind Let Me Start By Saying  

Working with Tyece Wilkins was an amazing experience. I would recommend working with her to anyone. She is a very attentive and driven woman. It was nice to have an media assistant in my corner with experience and knowledge. -Michelle Izquierdo, visual artist, www.michelleizquierdo.com

I started blogging because of Twenties Unscripted. I would get so excited to delve into a story or a rant. Since finding TU, I've been to and participated in a Twenties Unscripted event, reached out to Tyece for advice, and collaborated with Tyece on a special project. I found pieces of myself on TU, I found pieces of my friends on TU, I found pieces of my sister on TU. The most applicable lesson that I learned from Twenties Unscripted is to take life one keystroke at a time: keep swinging, keep working, love your own rocky experience, and never shut up about it. –Roconia Price, founder of Moredinary and creator of EverSoRoco.com

“Past the marketing, branding, and promotion that many blogs have become, I love that Tyece is truly a writer’s writer. There is an art to the way that she puts words together. The fact that you can feel her urgency through her words is a gift. Her new book puts that energy and light of hers right between your hands.” –Ashley Coleman, author and creator of WriteLaughDream.com